Getting the best SEO for your money can be conflicting since so many companies will pull you in many different directions. The truth is, NO company can promise you number 1 position on page 1 of Google. Its not possible.

Google is much like the stock market in which it is always changing. Going up and down with your pages ranking in different places on different days, even on different devices.

What’s the best SEO company in Santa Rosa?

When choosing a company to do your SEO, look for honesty. has had many positive reviews about their attention to detail and honest white hat campaigns for SEO. Setting a realistic expectation is important. Laced Media will explain what SEO is and how SEO can improve your website. They will even tell you what your business is doing right, so it’s not all bad.

Santa Rosa CA is actually a competitive market for many types of businesses such as dentist, construction, lawyers and even hair salons. If you aren’t doing SEO, chances are your competition is.

Does SEO cost a lot?

SEO can be costly. Most companies will charge $500 and up monthly for SEO campaigns in Santa Rosa. Instead of seeing it as a costly expense, accept it as an investment in the future of your business.

Do I need SEO during Off Season?

Yes! Doing SEO takes time so starting SEO now will ensure a bigger return with peak seasons come. Don’t wait till you open your store or when business picks up. The best time to do online marketing for your small business is before the business is going well.


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